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An Immersion into new and classic subjects

Quick Immersions provide illuminating introductions to diverse topics in the worlds of social science, the hard sciences, philosophy and the humanities. Written in clear and straightforward language by prestigious authors, the texts also offer valuable insights to readers seeking a deeper knowledge of those fields.

Five-hundred years ago, people needed ten or twenty years to spread knowledge about an economic or scientific novelty. Today, we can make an economic, social, scientific or cultural innovation public in a matter of seconds. We have the technological means to do so, in particular through the Internet.

On the other hand, the ability to communicate something new every 20 seconds, for example, means that a topic can start to become complicated or biased, often resulting in inaccurate or self-interested information that can make things appear different than how they really are.

Therefore, in a world that changes rapidly and with so many issues laid out on the table, we feel it is necessary to pause and reinforce solid knowledge on issues affecting the future. As a general rule, a familiar subject is molded and new details or aspects are added to complement it. But often this new information makes the subject so complex that it becomes difficult to understand and follow. We believe, therefore, that we need solid, well-ordered, well-systematized information in order to pick up the thread of a complex subject. And this does not necessarily have to be a new topic, but can be one that already forms part of our daily thoughts and encounters.

Authorship of books is a basic feature of our collection, knowing that the selection of subjects and authors is a fundamental task of a publisher. We hope that reading one of these books leads the reader to recommend it to someone else, and at the same time encourages them to approach a new subject by another author, since satisfaction is surely guaranteed. Additionally, we are committed to bringing quality and seriousness to the set of books we will publish.

What we propose is a collection that provides clear ideas and contains, as we have said, solid information, without errors, to form firm opinions on what we read and understand different topics. Some of these issues may be areas indirectly related to our profession, but many others are in subjects having nothing to do with our activity but which form part of our interests or have piqued our intellectual curiosity.

Antoni Comas is the CEO of Tibidabo Publishing, Inc (New York) and Tibidabo Ediciones, SA (Barcelona). BA from the University of Barcelona and Executive Programs at both Columbia Business School (New York, 1989) and Harvard Business School (Boston, 1993). President of Publishers of Catalonia (2005-2010) and President of Spanish Publishers (2011-2012). In 2006, represented the Publishers at the International Frankfurt Book Fair when Catalan Culture was the invited guest. Also served as General Secretary of the Catalan Broadcasting Corporation (1986-1990), the leading radio station with the largest audience in Catalonia. Early in his career, served as the General Secretary of the Board of Youth in Barcelona (1979-1980).

As a Publisher, in 1989 Comas was the first to bring a book to the market with a floppy disc, and in 1990 a book with a floppy and videotape, as such introducing new technologies into the book industry. He developed several series of books on current issues and essays, focused on diverse materials and subjects, many of which became best sellers.

He wrote La Quiebra de la Idea Disney en París with Jordi Martí (Tibidabo Ediciones, 1994).

Contact: e-mail: acomas@quickimmersions.com; Telephone: +1 (917) 259-1221